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Classic Conversation Games To Play With Your Kids

Conversation games are a great way to help your kids express better verbally.

If you have a shy kid who hates social interaction, the best way to help them would be to start playing conversation games with them. These games help in building vocabulary, listening and speaking skills, reasoning skills as well as logical thinking. Moreover, conversation games are fun, simple and could be played anywhere and at any time. Here are some of the classic conversation games that your kids will enjoy.

Make A Story From A To Z

This one is an interesting one as you let your child’s creative instincts flow while playing a game the whole time. The game requires one of the player to start a conversation chain or a storytelling chain. Each player contributes with a sentence to follow up the previous sentence. The sentences begin alphabetically. For example, if a sentence starts with “A long time ago there lived a king”, the second sentence should start with the letter B. The story continues till the players reach the letter Z and you start again with A.

Fact Or Fiction To Make Things Interesting

This game is the most fun to play if your kids are not very social. This game can help you and your kid to get to know each other better. You can even include people or friends of your kids who are new to the social circle to play the game. Each of the players is expected to say two statements about themselves where one is true and the other one is false. The other players must then guess which of the statements is true and which one is false.

Who Am I Game For The Puzzle Lovers

If your kid loves riddles and puzzles, this would be a fun option for you to play with them. This game can take really interesting turns and will jolt the players’ minds into thinking. In order to play the game, you need to have a few categories put down first –person, movie or book. The first player thinks of a name from any of these categories and keeps it to themselves. The other players will then asks questions to find clues and make guesses in order to figure out the name the first player has in mind. You can even spruce up the game by limiting the number of clues and guesses.

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