Classic games that need to make a comeback

Here are some classic video games that were immensely popular and needed to come to the market again:

 Games are liked by children and adults alike. But we have to agree that the mediums, the genres, and the audience have changed a lot over the past years. With the advent of the 21st century, we have seen VR games, mobile games, play stations and much more. But all said and done; classic games are genuinely irreplaceable. The ’80-’90s kids will remember playing on their old computers with Nintendo’s then newly launched PlayStation. However, sadly most of those games got discontinued. Here we talk about some of the most famous games that need to make a comeback for their fans:


Racing games are possibly the most played genres in video games. And arguably, Burnout is an extremely famous franchise of racing games that was intensely loved by its fan base. The game did a good run in 2004 and 2008, but after that, it went silent, and the game never really saw a comeback. The huge fan base often takes to social media and poses questions about the game’s re-launch. However, it is yet to happen.

Prince of Persia

You might have heard last about this game when it was made into a movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010. The game, however, lost the market back in 2013 and never really made a comeback. While fans assumed that after the movie, the game might come back on popular demand, the wait is still on.


Launched in 1989, Strider had amazing graphics, design and is regarded as one of the classics. But the game stopped in 2009 and never came back again. While it was in the news that the developers were working on a reboot, it never came into being.

Day of the Tentacle

This is actually a really old game made in 1993 and was immensely famous during the CD-ROM days. It is a classic game with two people trying to save the world from purple tentacles. Thankfully this one is still not out of business; however, we would surely love a good old reboot!

The Mega Tree

This game was the rage among all the 8-bit players because of the intrigue that was around it. While many sequels did come up, this game eventually had its run and never made a return again!

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