Classic Songs that one can’t help going back to

No matter how many new songs one comes across, some songs are timeless and are always worthy of re-exploring in certain moods. These classics are catchy in terms of their melody, their meaningful lyrics, and their symbolism. Here are a few worth going back to!

Jamaican Farewell– Sung by Harry Belafonte, this is one of the saddest songs, with a mesmerizing melody. Written about the slave trade, and the sorrows of leaving and being shipped off, the melody of this song is very catchy and emotional.

Where have all the Flowers Gone– Composed by Pete Seger, this song was originally written about the Vietnam war. However, it is still one of the most legendary songs. It entails a narrative about the tragedies that one goes through during crises and reflects contemplation about these situations. Not to mention, Pete Seger’s voice is one of the most soulful in the entire history of Music.

Hey There Delilah – This is probably one of the most iconic songs ever written. Sung by Plain White T’s, it talks about love and the hardships that occur due to long distances. However, it is about endurance and hopes that despite all the struggles, distances, and problems, love will triumph!

Hey Soul Sister– This is another love song, Written by Train, it is an upbeat song. In this song, love for a specific person is being expressed, and the idea of a soul-mate is in the essence and lyrics of this song. It is about having found the perfect partner, whose personalities match. Whether or not you are in love, this song is sure to make you dance to the beat!

Country Roads, Take Me Home– This soulful song by John Denver talks about missing home, and the beautiful mountains and lakes and trees in West Virginia that he misses. For people staying away from home, this song can make one emotional. It is literally about “home”, and reminiscing the perfection, that is home. It is a song imbibed with nostalgia.

100 Miles – Though there are many versions of this song, the fan-favorite version is sung by Justin Timberlake. Once again the melody is an emotional one. It is about somebody who is going away. For many, this takes them on an emotional journey, and about moving away from someone they loved. Listening to this song is sure to make you miss your loved ones!

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