Clean Sheets and Saves: The Golden Glove Race

The athlete with the maximum clean sheets in the league is allotted the Golden Glove award

As we’ve entered the month of March, we can say that all the major leagues around the world are about to conclude their 20/21 season. While most of the fans appreciate on-field players who score goals, many forget that goalkeepers contribute equally to the team’s success. It is the goalkeeper who defends the team and keeps it on the bay. For the massive contribution, the goalkeeper with the most-clean sheets is awarded the Golden Glove award. In the ongoing season of 20/21, who is going to win the glove from which league? It’s tough to answer the question at the moment because there are several games yet to be played. However, we’ve assessed the current statistics and here’s where the goalkeepers stand in Europe’s top five football leagues.

Premier League, England– In the Premier League, Manchester City’s Ederson is at the top of the table with 15 saves after playing 2,250 minutes. The second position is secured by Emiliano Martinez of Aston Villa Football Club, with 13 saves after playing 2,160 minutes. The third on the table is Chelsea’s Edouard Mendy, with 11 saves from 1,890 minutes of gameplay.

La Liga, Spain- At the top of the table is Yassine Bounou from Sevilla with six clean sheets from 1,927 minutes. The second position is held by Barcelona’s goalie Marc Andre ter Stegen who has five cleans sheets from 1,640 minutes of gameplay. The third position is secured by Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois, who also has five cleans sheets from 2,271 minutes of game time.

Serie A, Italy- In Serie A, Samir Handanovic from Inter Milan holds the top spot with nine clean sheets from 25 matches. The second spot is held by Gianluigi Buffon, who has eight clean sheets from 24 matches. The third position is secured by Udinese’s Musso, who has seven clean sheets from 23 matches.

Bundesliga, Germany- In Germany, Peter Gulacsi from RB Leipzig has 16 clean sheets from 33 matches. The second position is held by Mönchengladbach’s Yann Sommer, who has 13 clean sheets from 34 Bundesliga matches. The third spot is currently held by Manuel Neuer, who has kept 11 clean sheets from 26 games.

With few games left in hand, the tables are unlikely to witness a massive change and none of the players are likely to lose their positions.

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