Cleaning Tips For Microfiber Couch: Keep Your Couch Stain-Free

Cleaning a microfiber sofa is a bit challenging because it is prone to watermarks.

Microfiber fabrics are affordable and durable, but like most materials, they get dirty and stained. The tightly knit filament structure of microfiber makes it water-resistant and durable and harder for teething pets to nibble and scratch. But you have to know that being water-resistant does not mean you will have no cleaning duties. Regular maintenance and cleaning will make it easier for you to remove even the toughest stains. Here are some cleaning tips to keep your microfiber couch stain-free.

Brush or Vacuum the Couch

Do a quick vacuum to clean your microfiber sofa every day. Use your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment to do the cleaning. You may also use a fabric brush with stiff bristles to loosen dirt and crumbs from the surface of your sofa and restore the fabric. Give your best effort to keep the surface of your couch free of dust, crumbs, and anything that might harm or stain the fabric.

Take Care of Fabric Stains Immediately

Treat every occasional stain instantly using a microfiber cloth. Take the cloth, dampen it slightly if necessary and dab it on the affected area. If it is a small spill, it will not penetrate the fabric, so wiping it away will be easier. You may also use baby wipes to clean a microfiber sofa.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Grease Stain

If your microfiber couch does not have an “S” tag, soap water would be enough to dissolve the stain caused by grease. You may also consider mixing cornstarch or baking soda with your soap solution to see which one absorbs better. Let the solution sit for thirty minutes, and then vacuum.

Remove Ink Stains with Alcohol

You accidentally drop a pen—or your junior Picasso decides to treat the sofa as their painting canvas — don’t worry, rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Cleaning agents with high alcohol content is the best bet for cleaning stubborn stains caused by ink. Rubbing alcohol on the spot can remove most ink stains.

Use Ice to Remove Chewing Gum

You can remove gum from microfiber just as you would remove it from leather furniture. Put some ice cubes in a ziplock bag and place it over the chewing gum, causing it to slowly harden. Use your fingernail or a dull knife to scrape off the hardened gum. Be patient and work slowly. Refreeze the gum if needed. After removing the gum, clean the remaining stain with the soap solution or rub alcohol.

If you eat on the sofa or have a pet, these tips will come in handy.


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