Clubs With Maximum Relegations in England

In football, the worst thing that can happen to a club is relegation. Unfortunately, in England, some clubs have faced too many relegations

The most basic aim of any football club is to win something. Be it the league, knockout cup or continental cup; the goal is to bring a trophy home. However, clubs that are not capable of winning anything have a different goal, i.e., to finish high in the league. In short, be it a small club or a big club, nobody wants to face relegation.
Unfortunately, some football clubs in England have faced relegation frequently. In the following paragraphs, we have listed those clubs.

Birmingham City F.C.

A historic club in the world, the Birmingham City F.C. was founded in 1875. Over the years, the club has played in different tiers of English football. From EFL Championship to third-tier league, the club has seen it all; thanks to their 12 relegations. It is a record the club wishes to eradicate from its history.

Leicester City

Under the leadership of Claudio, Leicester City rose against all odds and won the Premier League. However, the club is known for juggling between the Premier League and other leagues of England. So far, Leicester has faced 11 relegations. In the last 20 years, the team has gained five promotions and three relegations.

Manchester City

In the present era, Manchester City is one of the dominant clubs on the planet that has won several Premier League titles in the last 10 years. However, the club faced relegation on 10 occasions. Between 1983 and 2001, Manchester City was relegated four times. Not to forget, out of 107 seasons, the club spent 25 seasons in second or lower-tier leagues of English football.

Grimsby Town F.C.

Grimsby Town F.C. may not be a club that is known to everyone, but it is the most successful club hailing from Lincolnshire. However, the club is also known for frequent relegations and promotions. In its 144 years of history, the club witnessed 17 relegations and 15 promotions. The club’s recent relegation happened in 2021.

Notts County F.C.

Founded in 1862, Notts County F.C. takes part in the National League, which is the fifth-tier football league in England. Since its inception, the club has been part of the Yo-Yo club because of frequent promotions and relegations. So far, the club has faced 16 relegations; the last one took place in 2019.

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