Published By: Sougata Dutta

Coastal Trek: A New Approach to Enjoy the Beach

Loving the beach can be so much fun with a backpack and some research.

Do you love travelling to the ocean and beaches? Do you love exploring the coastal flora and fauna? If the answers are yes, this blog is just right for you. In conventional tours, we book a hotel near a beach, spend most of the time relaxing on the beach, have some sightseeing, have a bath in the sea, and try seafood. If you think clearly, it is the same for whichever beach you visit. You are not exploring the floral diversity or witnessing the variations if you just go a little bit away from the typical tourist spots. You are missing the reality of the coasts while having the tip of the iceberg.

The Journey: Easy and Fun

It's sea level and very soothing to walk on the beaches. Just plan your trek according to your time and get the route map. Start early to avoid scorching sun rays. Be aware of the timing of ferry boats if there are any rivers between your route. Have plenty of fluids during the walk. Mark water sources on your map for your benefit. Walk through many beach segments instead of resting on only one and have fun.

Things to Take: The Packing

You would like to take light clothing along with one warm jacket which might come in handy at night. You can take hammocks, sleeping mats, tents, and sleeping bags for summer. If you are planning to cook your dinner, take butane gas and a stove along with easy-to-make foods. Keep a compass, knife, torch, whistle, sunglasses, and caps. Always keep some slings and chords in your bag.

It's for Everyone: Enjoyment for All

Walking on the beach is less tiring and you don’t need too many things for a coastal trek. People of almost any age gap can enjoy coastal trekking, spend a night or two and witness the beauty of the sea.

Exploration: The Unknown Areas

You can discover some splendid beaches away from the crowd where you can relax, explore and meet local people. You can explore the villages, fisheries and many more. You will be in the world of seagulls and crabs for a while.

Keep in Mind: Rules to Follow

The roads you travel are natural and away from tourists. Keep the places litter free and spread awareness. If you truly love coastal areas, keep them clean and enjoy the sea world.