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Coconut Oil for DIY Skincare Routine

DIY skincare has seeped into millennials’ lifestyle and here are some easy homemade recipes with one of the most sought after beauty ingredients—coconut oil

Personalised DIY products save money and provide fresh, natural and reinvigorating treatment for skin troubles. The organic ingredients and inexpensiveness are major reasons why people are ditching cosmetic masks in favour of homemade concoctions. Coconut oil is known for hydrating, smoothening, soothing and exfoliating skin. In fact, a simple dabbing of this oil on face is a major boon.

Let’s take a look at the most effective coconut oil preparations that work wonders for the skin.

A Face Pack for Hydrated Skin

For dry skin, a combination of cold pressed coconut oil, plain yogurt and honey works splendidly. It restores hydration, glow and suppleness to the skin and could be used twice weekly to heal the skin from within.

Mix the ingredients until they blend uniformly

Apply the mixture on face and neck using upward strokes

Let it stay for 15 minutes

Wash off with warm water

To Moisturize Under Eyes

Beating the tonnes of hydrating eye creams available in the market, coconut oil reigns supreme. For dry under-eyes ailments such as itching and irritation, be it seasonal or lifestyle changes, dab on some coconut oil before hitting the bed. Also, this region is most prone to wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing. Coconut oil reduces this look of exhaustion and dark patches to soothe the eyes. You do not merely look good, but your eyes feel rested and fresh as well.

To Heal and Protect Lips

Coconut oil is perhaps most underrated as a potential lip balm. Making a DIY lip balm is super easy and hassle-free.

Add coconut oil, cocoa butter and grated beeswax in a proportionate amount

Heat it on a low to medium degree

Once it is heated, add two drops of cinnamon essential oil

Refrigerate and use

This lip balm wouldremedy flaky and chapped lips.

To Clear Blackheads

Coconut oil has a reputation for removing dead skin cells owing to its abrasive texture. This texture makes it an organic exfoliator.

Mix coconut oil and baking soda

Beat it till it is a smooth paste

Rub on the nose for about 5 minutes

Rinse off with warm water

Sugar is a fine alternative to baking soda. Combine coconut oil and sugar till you get a fine consistency and rub on the blackhead. The scrub would assure radiant and healthy skin within minutes.