Published By: Ahvana Paul

Collecting souvenirs? Artistic endeavour or just touristy?

Are you someone who loves travelling and bringing back memoirs on your way back, to put it up at home? A point of debate however does arise sometimes, when buying souvenirs, is this artistic enough or just another touristy thing that is reproduced in every shop! In a world where travel, and tourism determine a lot for the market, how do we decide, if a particular souvenir is indeed an artistic endeavour or just touristy? Here are some tips to guide you while buying souvenirs.

POV- It is just touristy

Run of the mill

 How to know when a souvenir is a run of the mill is when you see something like that in every shop! When you explore these shops, you will come across items which are identical in every shop and though appealing the first time you see it, it starts to become like a run-of-the-mill thing!

Begins to look tacky after a point

Seeing it in many places also might mean that it might not be made of very good material, but is priced high for foreigners. It might begin to break, crumble and fall off after a point. This ruins it, makes the object itself tacky, and makes you feel like it is a useless buy! Therefore, be conscious of this when buying, especially models or statues. Invest in something more permanent, like a textile or something which is a long-lasting and of a good quality.   

POV- Make it an artistic endeavour

The question remains, how to make sure that it entails an artistic endeavour? Here are a few tips to ensure successful buying!

Assess after seeing many, invest in the one!

 The ultimate tip that is recommended is to properly explore before buying one. At one end you can end up buying a whole horde of things, especially if you are going to a museum shop and want to shop till you drop! However, when buying at a normal touristy shop, the best way to do this is to do a survey at all the shops, determine what you like the most, and then take the call. The best thing to do while travelling is to keep an eye out for things that you want and look at the shops as you pass them over a couple of days, and on the last day, determine what you want, and then go and buy it. This way you can also think, about what exactly will look good for your house, and this will ensure that you make a good decision. Making an assessment will help you also understand the pricing and help you determine a budget. Tourist shops are sometimes heavily overpriced. However, you might chance upon a shop which is giving it to you for cheaper, and perhaps even better quality. So invest in one, but only after seeing them all, and this is a decision that you will not regret.  

Choose the most Unique from the Lot!

Though fridge magnets are nice, and you can get a few to put up, don’t limit yourself to these things. Research beforehand about what unique things you can get in a particular place, and what the place is famous for, and invest in one of those. Those will make your memories more special, and your choice of souvenir more unique!