Colour Psychology- How It Affects Your Mind

The science behind colours of the spectrum and how they influence your everyday activities.

You must have noticed the effort graphic artists put into choosing the perfect colours to be filled in their work. Be it your room, the dress you wear or a company logo, each of these colours sends a message to our brain, based on which we are triggered. Amusing, isn’t it? Learn about the primary colours and how they signal our minds to perceive them subconsciously!

It’s no surprise that specific colours lift up our mood. If you walk into a room painted dark blue with dim lights, you are automatically going to remember every tragic thing that ever happened to you in your life! On the contrary, a bright sunny painted room is going to pull you out of sadness and rejoice in the happy hue for some time.

Here are some excellent effects that colours have offered to the world-

  • Changing the colour of placebo pills to warm hues were more effective than others.
  • Installing blue-coloured streetlights reduced crime reports in cities.
  • Red creates alertness and can make a difference when used in athlete activities.
  • People wearing black were automatically regarded as non-approachable and were less neared than people dressed in warm colours.

Can Colours Influence Performance?-

Reports say that specific colours impact your achievement too! If you look at the colour red before entering into the exam hall, your mind will connect it to bad grades and remarks and hence your performance can diminish subsequently. Try seeing soothing colours like green and black.

Do Colours Define Your Personality-?

People who are thorough with the science of spectrum can tell you about your personality by choice of colours you make. The colour of your car, your outfit and shoes define you more than you realized!

Here are some usual colours we come across and what they indicate- 


Wearing white automatically gives you a fresh essence. A feeling of chastity with tranquility.


For people who own every black shirt in the world, it defines leadership and solidarity.


Mostly in vehicles and gadgets, choosing silver signifies your liking towards modernity.


If you wear red or own a red car, you are never to get lost! You will be full of attention, and you enjoy having looks hooked on you always.


Wearing blue signifies confidence and playing safe. You will be content with your own liking and life and not be bothered about peeking elsewhere.


Yellow is the happy colour and sure makes you approachable beyond the limit! You are willing to take up as many adventures as you please.


People with a liking towards grey want to keep it low and have subtle taste and preferences.

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