Common Dietary Mistakes That Can Wreck Immunity During Season Change

Seasonal change can influence your body in many ways. Making dietary mistakes can cause health blunders wrecking your immune system. 

There’s nothing like the break of a season. That sudden nip in air ushering the winters, unalarmed drizzle calling for the rain gods or the shot in temperature with bright sky before the summers arrive is what we all look up to. Nevertheless, change in season also brings forth challenges for our immunity as our body becomes more vulnerable towards catching a cold, flu or getting allergies. Most times, rather than trying to attune to changing seasons we tend to become lazy to beat winter chills. This leads to making serious health mistakes, albeit unknowingly. Here are the foremost common ones.

Not drinking enough water:

Not drinking enough water can wreck your health at any time of the year. If you are transitioning from spring to summer, you will feel thirsty as the temperature soars. Even when the sunrays have gone softer and winter is around the corner, the air gets dryer and you tend to get dehydrated soon. Dehydration can take a toll on your immunity and can also make you weak. Avoid drinking chilled water.

Not eating enough properly cooked food

Cooking food with mild spices, boiling or poaching it kills pathogen, which are insecticides used during planting the crops. You can eat raw food but that should not comprise the majority of your diet.

Not consuming meals at common intervals

Skipping meals is not a healthy thing to do even if you are on a strict diet. It might wreck your immunity, have an extreme effect on your well-being and can make you experience loss of energy.

Not reducing sugar intake

Treats like cookies, pastries, doughnuts are laden with sugar and can fluctuate the glucose content in your blood. Eating sugar may put your white blood cells into a temporary coma. They don’t present any significant nutrient however, slowly begins to affect your immune system.

Not adding all food groups

If you think skipping carbs altogether is good, you are wrong. Eating the same food as protein day in and day out will limit your nutrition intake. To keep your immunity charged, include all food groups to your meal from seasonal fruits, fried nuts to veggies. This will add a lot of variety to food making dieting easy and helps to build immunity and bring

along with it a range of antioxidants.

Take note of these points and make sure you take good care of yourself in this confusing weather.

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