Common mistakes to avoid while on the treadmill

Treadmill mistakes you don’t know you’re committing.

Treadmill sounds easy, right? It’s probably the only equipment in the gym that anyone can hop on. It’s basically glorified walking; well…indoor walking. Treadmill workout is a great cardio exercise. Treadmill is a dynamic equipment that can offer engaging experience while working out. It not only saves you from having a lazy day when you cannot go out for a walk or run but also provides great benefits of a moderate-intensity workout.

While it seems too easy of an equipment to operate, it is equally easy to make mistakes while using the treadmill, which can lead to incorrect posture, joint pain or worse, injury.

Here are the common mistakes to avoid while working on the treadmill.

Not following the mounting method: Getting onto the treadmill while it’s at full speed is a big no-no, even if you have been using it for a long time. The correct way to mount is to start with your feet on the both the sides of the treadmill, starting with slow speed and then gradually picking up the speed as you go.

Overstriding: Overstriding is really dangerous. Putting the foot too far ahead to take longer steps can lead to hitting the front of the treadmill which might result in a fall and injury.

Holding on to the handrails: Sure, it’s fine while you’re starting off. But holding onto the handrails lowers the intensity of the workout since you put some of your weight on the treadmill.

Not using your arms: While your legs do all the walk, what do your arms do? Instead of grabbing onto the handrails, use your arms to do the correct motion to help you go faster and burn more calories. The secret being moving your arms faster is related to how fast your legs move. Biology stuff right there.

Proper shoes: Not wearing the proper shoes can lead to injury on the treadmill. You need running shoes because you are basically running. Running on treadmill means rolling from the heels to the toe, which is not possible with stiff walking shoes. Investing on running shoes is wise.

Looking down and not ahead: Looking at your feet can restrict oxygen supply, causing overall performance to fall. To maintain good posture, eyes and neck should be straight ahead.

Not knowing the equipment features well:Taking some time to getting to know the treadmill equipment features can help in performing better. Some treadmills have personal record history, count calories, programmed workouts. Find what suits you the best.

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