Common Phone Battery Myths You Probably Believe

Are you confused about whether you have been overcharging your phone? Here’s your answer!

Everyone’s a tech savvy person nowadays until it comes to the question of how much charge is too much charge for your phone. There is a vastness of information flying around all of us about how you should be taking care of your phone’s battery. While some of the information out there is true to the T, the rest of is pretty much a myth. Here are a few phone battery myths that you might have followed sincerely but are really not worth a penny!

Leaving Your Phone On Charge The Whole Night Will Overcharge The Battery

The most common myth surrounding phone batteries is that you may end up overcharging them if you leave the on charging for the entire night. Not true! Well, some of it is true as keeping your phone on the plug overnight might be a fire hazard but overcharging is not an issue. In the past days, when phone batteries were mostly the lithium-ion ones keeping the phone on charge after it hit the 100% mark could cause the batteries to overheat. However, with technology developing and advancing, it’s no longer a problem. Even if you leave your phone on charge mast the 100% your phone’s battery would not lose its performance. It is because as your phone’s battery juices up, it reduces the power flow causing it no damage to the battery’s life.

Discharging The Phone’s Battery Completely Before Charging It

Another rumour about phone’s batteries that does the rounds frequently is that you need to discharge the battery completely before you plug it in for charging. Although the phone batteries lose some of its performance capacity with every charging cycle, that effect is next to minimal. Don’t worry about damaging your phone’s battery if you have put it on for charging while it’s still half full. The smartphones are capable of retaining 80% of their original charging capacity even if you do not discharge the battery completely before charging it up.

Killing Apps Saves The Battery Power

Your phone can handle more than one app running on the background. Just because you have way too many tabs open does not mean that it is killing the battery power of your phone. Closing the apps that are running on the background could, in fact, take up for power resources.

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