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Communication through digital media – important points to remember

Digital media is perhaps the most effective way to spread information. It is known to have several advantages but there are certain things which should be kept in mind while posting something through digital media.

For an organisation, it is ideal to use digital media because it is a greater tool to connect with people and build a community. Traditional media is becoming obsolete and it is only viable to selling daily products and goods. To communicate in an effective way, it is important to use digital media as there can be personalisation of the communication and it is arguably the fastest mode of communication we have now which has a greater reach too. Here are some basic things to take care of.

Not related or illogical

Digital media is a platform which remain active 24*7 and anything you communicate through it, reaches many in seconds. It is therefore important to not post anything which is not related to the organisation on digital media. When you are managing a community service, the aim should be to inform, aware and educate the stakeholders through communication and irrelevant posts should be avoided and taken care of.

Confidential information

Communicating through digital media could be a tricky thing. The information that one goes out on internet stays there and it is almost impossible to actually delete it once it is shared. There are chances that you may reveal some confidential information about the organisation on digital media which should be avoided completely.

Anything that will bring disrepute

it is easy to manage a conflict that arises out of confusion or difference in interest but it is not easy to face the disrepute. Social media and other digital platforms are full of hatred these days and one slight mistake could result in trolling and bashing. It is advisable to remember this while communicating thought digital media.

It is important to use the appropriate language while communicating through digital media. Any confidential information should not be provided on digital media and language should be clear. These days, it is important to be witty as people like humour on the internet but there the line between funny and offensive should not be crossed. It is important to understand the target audience and the time when traffic remains high, before promoting the organisation on digital platforms. The tone of the information should be friendly and it should match the voice of the organisation. A slight mistake these days can result in trolling and online bashing and that is why digital media should be used carefully.

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