Published By: Sakshi Agrawal

Companies helping India in waste management

Waste management is a huge problem in India. Read below to find out about the companies who solve it.

India produces 62 million tonnes of waste each year out of which 75% is recyclable. However, the country recycles only 30% of the millions. These numbers highlight that there is an increasing need for India to manage its waste.

We bring to you six companies who are helping India through this problem by focusing on the concept of reducing, reuse and recycle.

Saahas Zero Waste

A Bengaluru-based company, Saahas Zero waste’s journey began when the Municipal Solid Waste Rules was introduced in 2009. The company, founded by Wilma Rodrigues, diverts the waste away from landfills and sends it to the right destinations for recycling and composting. They are a part of a movement called the circular economy.


Providing a solution to India’s flower waste problem, this Kanpur-based company collects 2.4 tons floral-waste daily from temples and mosques in Uttar Pradesh and the River Ganges. They repurpose the waste to create vermicompost, aromatic sticks and bathing bars.

Namo E-waste

This company, started by Akshay Jain, addresses the crucial agenda of e-waste in India by establishing partnerships with electronic companies across the country. They have collection centres across 12 union territories and states and process almost 20 tonnes of e-waste every day.

Feeding India

This social enterprise, founded by Ankit Kawatra in 2014, handles two issues simultaneously, hunger and food wastage.  They collect excess cooked food from restaurants and caterers and distribute it to those in need. Additionally, they also use food as an incentive for education and skill development among children in need.

GEM Enviro Management

A Delhi-based company, GEM Enviro Management accumulates polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste from various offices, hotels, factories and more. They recycle the waste to produce bags, caps and T-shirts and sell these goods under their brand, Being Responsible.

GPS Renewables

GPS Renewables is working on a rule of zero wastage by solving the organic waste problem in an environmental-friendly way. It urges the client to convert their kitchen and organic waste into biogas, which reduces their carbon footprint and also aiding in the mitigation of climate change. They have also expanded from India and provide their services in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Next time you are looking to eradicate your household or office waste, contact these companies to help you manage them better.