Constructive Paper Crafts To Keep Your Kids Busy And Creative

Explore the creative side of your toddlers with these exciting papercrafts.

As a parent, a large part of your day goes into thinking about keeping your kids entertained the right way. You would give them ample screen time, but they need actual activities to keep themselves growing at the end of the day. You must have tried about everything directed by the internet, but now your kids need something more than that. How about use papercrafts! Innovative isn’t it!

For starters, you will need safety scissors, some colouring pages of scrap book, an album to save their crafts in, and some colourful pens to write and draw with.

Paperchain Caterpillar-

There is nothing like creating the whole chart of metamorphosis with colourful butterflies and caterpillars. Let’s start with making caterpillars. You will need two strips of green scrap paper, preferably of different shades. Start by holding them at a right angle and folding them at right angles till they create a spring structure. Stop and stick at your required length. Add googly eyes and antennas.

For the butterfly, fanfold bright-coloured paper and fold them to make perfect wings.

Popsicle Reindeer-

Make use of the popsicles you have every weekend! You will need brown paper, a few red beads and glue.

Cut two circles out of the article, one for the tummy, one for the face. Add googly eyes and bead to make the eyes and nose. Attach the Popsicle horns, neck, and legs. Add it to your scrapbook!

Dinosaur Craft-

No matter how old your kid is, they always have a soft corner for dinosaurs. Make use of those cute matchboxes to make a cute dinosaur. Cover it with green paper and create those ferocious teeth with paper cuttings. You can attach it to the bulletin boards and add grass cuttings to make the plane.

Spell Their Name!-

How about creating a cute little train with their name as each boggy! You will need as many matchboxes as the letters in their name. Cover them in colourful papers and paste the letters in contrasting colours. Once they are ready and arranged, make a cute engine out of the boxes, and you have your family train ready!

Hand Printed Hens-

How about getting your hands dirty to spill creativity! Dip their hands in yellow and ask them to print it on white paper. Make the beak and comb with a red pen, and voila! You have a fantastic family art.

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