Cooking Essentials: Fun Pantry Condiments You Must Have In Your Kitchen

A fun pantry means a fun cook, and a fun cook means a happy meal!

On some days, you don’t feel like eating out but you still want to eat good and not the boring old staples. Your basic ingredients in your home could turn into a happy and fun food if you have the right condiments and no we don’t mean just ketchup. The world of condiments is so varied that it would definitely add the kind of flavour you have been craving in your food. Here are some fun pantry condiments that you should definitely have in your kitchen.

Green Chilli Sriracha Sauce To Turn The Bland Into Spicy

Red hot sauces have been used and abused for long time. It’s time to move over to green and boy, do we have an option for you! If you prefer your food a little spicy, get a green chilli sriracha sauce for your pantry. This sauce is made with chilli, jalapeno, and pepper. All the ingredients are fermented and then mixed together with other ingredients like garlic, salt, vinegar and palm sugar. The srirachs sauce will add a dose of umami to your dish and goes the best Mexican food. Use the sriracha sauce as a dipping side condiment for fajitas or nachos and you are about to have a party inside your mouth!

Korean Gochujang Sauce For The Hot Stuff

Although the Koreans don’t use a lot of spice in their food usually, but when they do, they do it loud. Korean food is incredibly flavourful courtesy to some of the beautiful condiments that they use with their food. The hot gochujang sauce is one such condiment that you should not miss. This sauce is made by fermenting pepper and red chilli paste. The sauce has a thick consistency and has super hot and fiery kick. If you love and can tolerate a generous hit of spice in your food, use this sauce to make your food more flavourful. You can use this sauce as a condiment for your fried food and you would not be sorry.

A Garlic Bread Spread To Make The Dull Fun

If you are not in the mood to cook, but still want to make something quick but flavourful, get yourself a garlic bread spread. Make a few toasts, spread the spread on it and enjoy it from the comfort of your couch!

Urbee Sarkar

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