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Cool Ways To Plant Climbers And Vines

Make the most of your garden by integrating vertical elements.

There are lots of ways to make the most of your garden space, big or small. The key is to get creative and think vertical. Plant climbers and vines that are edible are some of the best additions to a garden to make the most of the space you have available. They will look pretty and be valuable to you too. Here are a few tips on how to add these vertical elements to your garden.

Climbers and vines to consider for your garden

There are a few things to consider before you rush out and obtain edible climbers and vines for your garden. You have to take into consideration the environment you live in and the weather conditions. These are important factors to take into account before you choose edible climbers and vines for this particular space. You can also choose to grow annual or perennial climbers or vines in a specific area. There are edible options for both categories and benefits to both. Once you have chosen your plants, think about the layout and how to add these plants to the design of your garden.

These plants can provide shade creating

You can grow climbers and vines on various types of structures. They can be used to provide shade for the area below. You can also use natural or reclaimed materials to construct these structures. This project can be environmentally friendly. Climbers and vines can be grown up and over a range of different structures, providing shade and a level of cover for the areas below. The structures themselves can be constructed from a range of different natural or reclaimed materials to reduce not only the cost but also the environmental impact of the project. Bamboo or willow structures can be used to grow climbers that can help create a tailor-made structure that can provide shade.

Use these plants to create partitions

The climbers and vines you choose can be grown vertically up walls, fences or screening structures. Edible climbers and vines can add a visual appeal to a wall and provide useful yields. You could use a trellis to separate the two gardens. You could also protect a spot in your garden where you grow your vegetables by making a fence with the use of these types of plants. They also provide the space with a lush feel.

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