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Cottage Garden Design Ideas To Try

Transform your outdoor space with a cottage garden aesthetic with these design tips.

If you are looking to create a garden that is quaint and cosy, give a traditional English cottage garden style a try. It is a popular garden style people from all over the world try to emulate. This garden style has a charming feel to it. Plus, you do not have to live in a cottage to design a garden in this style. Here are a few cottage garden design ideas to try.

Blend aesthetics and productivity

Traditionally, cottage gardens were meant to be productive areas and used to provide people who lived in the cottage with food and other requirements. Over time, this style of garden evolved to be more decorative and aesthetically pleasing. When designing your garden make sure to blend form and function. This way your garden can look beautiful but also have plants and herbs that you can use to prepare your meals or use for other purposes. Have a mix of ornamental and edible plants, whether they are annual or perennial plants, in your garden.

Use features that create an organic look

The key to making a cottage garden look natural and artless is to use features that appear as natural as possible. You can add plants and flowers that spill from all sorts of directions to highlight the natural shapes and curves of the plant. There are also other features you can add to this space that can make it look morequaint. For instance, terracotta pots, wooden fences and gates can be a great addition to this space. You can also use reclaimed materials in creative ways that can also be functional. Think stone and brick pathways to give you that cottage garden feels.

Think about the location when choosing cottage garden plants

It is common to see primroses, elderberries, apple, pear, and crab trees in an English cottage garden. Climbers like ivy, native clematis,culinary herbs, daisies, and lavender are also popular. While these are very beautiful plants and trees, you need to think about the location and not choose plants that are traditionally used in an English cottage garden. Most of the popular plants chosen for this style of garden were often because it was useful and native to the area. Create a garden with a similar look and feel but use plants which are native to your location.

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