Countries with best EV infrastructure

EV is set to be the future ! But which country is prepared with the best EV infrastructure ?

As the prices for petroleum and other gas substances surging higher all over the world, the popularity and demand for EVs are growing equally steeper. According to experts, just when the pandemic situation started debilitating the market scenarios and making fuel prices a joke all around the world, the electric vehicles (EV) silently created a market demand which has now been foreseen as a great game changer. Post pandemic, the EV sales growth is now being observed with sky high figures including segments ranging from motorcycles to passenger cars. This article explores countries with some of the best EV infrastructure and future-ready for all the EV updates.

China, moving the evolution faster

Right from 2020, the EV market in China has grown into a much more muscular shape, with investments and new car makers already trying to capture every vacant space within the region in quite unrealistic numbers! A country with well constructed “Electric vehicle Supply Equipment” (EVSE) across the major regions and other integrated tech requirements to optimize the EV functionalities, China alone produced over 60% EVs in the world in the last 1 year. With one of the best EV infrastructure in the world, China steadily races ahead of several countries, be it in terms of developing EV infrastructure or building EV brands.

Norway, staying way ahead across Europe

Even though, when the best European EV infrastructures are talked about, three country’s names are brought into discussion which are Norway, UK and Netherland! Racing ahead, Norway paced up its EV infrastructure in the country to beat the surging fuel price issues throughout the car and the sustainability concerns surrounding it. To meet the growing EV charging point requirements, the country has revamped its gas stations by integrating charging points and other EV setups as well. Demand for EVs in Norway skyrocketed much sooner than expected due to the country’s government policies which intend to tax fuel based cars more while for EVs it’s none! 

Netherlands, yet another EV trendsetter

After Norway, Netherland is counted as one of the best EV friendly countries in Europe bet it in terms of growing EV charging stations like crops or supplying EV equipements! Since 2020, Netherland has been observed to be one of those countries where EV trends shot up unbelievably, with sales capturing over 30% in the entire market. The country’s robust approach in developing smart EV charging stations and other governmental subsidies is helping the market to expand further while simultaneously resonating as one of the major global strategic positions in the world in terms of automotive trade games.

EV, within quite a span of years has become one of the major automobile sensation in the world! Truly, if EV market continues to expand like this, the aim for zero carbon emission will not be a distant dream anymore!


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