Published By: Urbee Sarkar

Cozy Bedroom Hacks To Learn From the Scandanavians

Want to sleep like a baby? Learn these bedroom hacks from the Scandinavians!

Scandinavians have ranked among the happiest people on the planet and is probably because they get the best night’s sleep. The Scandinavians have a clean and pristine solution when it comes to their health, both physical and mental and it is all related to sleep. The Scandinavians believe that when it comes to sleep, minimal, cosy and individuality is the way to go. They are very particular about their sleeping space and how it should be arranged. Here are a few tips and tricks from the Scandinavians to help you sleep better.

The Scandinavians Welcome Every Season In Their Bedroom

While most people follow an approach of resistance when it comes to seasons, the Scandinavians are unbelievably welcoming of them especially in their bedrooms. They design their bedrooms around the different seasons and that miraculously helps them sleep better. When we say that the Scandinavians design their bedrooms around the seasons it means that they tend to maximise the amount of natural light entering their bedroom. The Scandinavian bedrooms are usually east facing which helps them get good natural light in the morning and darker evenings. That being said, they are also a huge fan of blackout curtains that keeps the scorching summer light from interfering their sleep. As for the winters, they usually go for sun lamps to keep their bedroom mood bright and shiny!

They Don’t Compromise On Their Duvets

You know how you wake up in the middle of the night playing a tug of war with your partner in sleep because you are sharing a duvet? Yeah, the Scandinavians do not believe in sharing the blanket. They have a duvet for each person on the bed which results in a peaceful night of sleep without having to fight for a half of the duvet with the bed partner. Comfort is your individual element and each person is meant to have duvet for their own.

They Keep The Windows Open To Let The Air Flow

You may not be a fan of keeping your windows open at night while sleeping, but if you give it a try you will realise why the Scandinavians love doing that. Keeping the windows open make for good air circulation in the bedroom preventing the suffocated feeling. It calms you down and helps you get better sleep at night.