Creative Tips To Embrace Bohemian Home Decor

Express your individuality with the Bohemian home trend as this style of decor is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items for all the world to see.

When it’s done right, a space with bright Bohemian decor tastefully exudes creativity. The art of mixing colors, layering patterns, and combining furniture styles can give your room a fun and free-spirited vibe. From a crowded room bursting with colors and patterns to a more toned-down exotic feel, there’s a Boho room out there for everyone. So if you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with this casual-chic aesthetic, look no further as we have curated some creative ideas to help you create your gorgeous Bohemian-styled rooms.

Add a Variety of Textures

One thing the Boho home never lacks is texture. Adding texture to your room can be achieved in numerous ways. Hang a tapestry, layer throws over your furniture, get some crazy pillows and pile them on your sofa. In Bohemianism, there’s a famous saying that goes “more is more”, so add a bunch of stuff you love! The key to using decorative materials in a Boho room is to mix and match. Natural, basic materials like sisal and burlap can be combined with chenille and silk. The materials should have a slightly worn look—not damaged, but not shiny and new either.

Use Mirrors

Use oversize mirrors or mirrored walls or ceilings! This will make your space feel larger and don’t be afraid to add pops of bright color and artwork throughout to achieve the perfect Boho look.

Bohemian Colors

While there are no rules when it comes to Bohemian decorating, metallics and jewel tones are common, as are, warm earthy colors. Think deep greens, grays, and shades of browns for base colors, and then accessorize with fiery orange, saturated purple, and electric blue. Combining and layering colors is what makes this style unique.

Bohemian Furniture

Both you and your guests will feel the Boho vibe with plush couches and chairs in saturated colors. Throw overstuffed floor pillows or rugs to create a welcoming floor-seating atmosphere. And since a Boho room should have a “sit and stay awhile” feel, straight-backed or streamlined furniture will not fit well here. Pick comfortable, relaxed pieces like chaise longues, daybeds, or butterfly chairs.

Lighting Accessories

Ambient, understated lighting will unify your Boho room and complete the calm and welcoming feel. Rather than overhead fixtures, decorate with multiple lanterns, candles, and floor and table lamps. Today’s global design markets make it easy to find a variety of shapes and styles, perfect for the mix-and-match look.

Plants, plants, plants!

Plants just give that effortless jungle-like natural vibe, and they are amazing! Don’t forget vining plants and hanging plants as they can help add a ton of visual interest to areas of your Boho room that feel empty. Cacti are very popular in the jungle Boho decor trend, so if you have access to some prickly friends, definitely grab some!

Transform your home with distinctive and viable Bohemian decor ideas without coming off as heavy-handed by following the aforementioned tips.

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