Creative Ways Of Recycling Old Books

Bibliophile at heart? We know just what you need?

There is no end to what you can do with a creative mind. As a crafty, nothing is ever a waste. You can recycle almost everything into a beautiful masterpiece of art. now, thinking about old books, don’t we just love how the hardcover adorns your bookshelf. It is not only a valuable piece of knowledge. It is also something that brightens your room and makes it look gorgeous. Now about something everyone who owns a library will agree to, maintaining the beauties are not east. be it weather, paper pests or moisture, some ample enemies feed off your books. Wish there was some way to use the old books without discarding them? Well, here is plenty!

Desk Organizer-

If you have an ancient and heavy book, they work as excellent organizers! And it adds to the aesthetic look of your room. All you need to do is drill cup size hole and place two holders in it. Then, you can put all the pencils and stationaries in the cups and set the book lid! Becomes a secret chamber to store your things.

Wall Clock-

This might be a perfect way to make your own clock! All you need to do is buy the watch mechanism and drill a box in your box of that size. Place the machine in your book, add some numbers on the book cover and hook it on the wall. Of course, the lighter the colour of the text, the better it looks!

Book Journal-

There is something about old book colour that makes it perfect for the aesthetic journal decoration. Tear some pages by hand and stick them on the side of your journal, and they will look gorgeous. You can also cut words out to make it a beautiful collage letter to decorate in your diary.

Planter For Succulents-

You might not have thought about it right away, but old books are the best planters you could ever make. Succulents can survive on less water, and you can spray water on them once in three days, and they thrive well. So imagine opening a book and seeing gorgeous succulent plantations.

Book Frame-

There is nothing like the hardcover of a book for making your photo frame. You won’t even need to cut open the text for this one. All you need to do is stick a frame on the cover and place your photo in it!

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