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Cruise control in a car: Everything you need to know

The concept of cruise control is simple: It allows the driver to maintain the vehicle's speed at a set speed without the need for the brake pedal or accelerator

One of the most innovative and practical features in cars is the cruise control system, which allows drivers to maintain a consistent pace while driving. This feature can help people who frequently commute on the highway feel more comfortable. It can also reduce the risk of fatigue and improve the driving experience. In addition to reducing emissions and fuel consumption, cruise control systems make driving easier by making the process painless.

What is cruise control?

The concept of cruise control is simple: It allows the driver to maintain the vehicle's speed at a set speed without the need for the brake pedal or accelerator. This feature works seamlessly by continuously moving the vehicle at the same rate of speed. It is now available in top-end models of cars in India.

Cruise control is similar to the driver's actions in braking and acceleration. It merely replicates these actions without actually using the brake pedal or accelerator. Initially, this feature was only controlled by cables.

A cable was used to control the vehicle's throttle position. Depending on the speed at which the driver sets the vehicle's speed, the cable will adjust the throttle to generate the required power.

Modern technology has enabled the development of cruise control systems that are completely electronic. Instead of cables, the system uses sensors to control the throttle position. These sensors are connected to the car's electronic control unit (ECU). Once the driver sets the vehicle’s speed, the system will calculate the required position and wirelessly adjust the throttle to maintain the speed.

Before you start using cruise control, make sure that it's not used in conditions that are not ideal for driving. For instance, it's not recommended to use this feature in low visibility or rain.

How to use cruise control?

Make sure that cruise control doesn't operate in conditions that are hazardous for driving, such as rain and low visibility. This feature should only be used when road conditions are predictable.
  • Reach the speed that you want to maintain using the cruise rol.
  • After reaching the desired speed, turn on the cruise control. This feature will be displayed on the steering wheel depending on the model.
  • To maintain the same speed, take off the foot from the accelerator pedal. The vehicle will continue moving at the same rate as before.
  • To avoid getting into an accident, always keep an eye on your surroundings.
  • The + button will allow you to accelerate if you want.
  • The button for the cruise control can be pressed to set the vehicle's speed at a lower level. You can also use the brake pedal to deactivate the feature.
The buttons for cruise control may be placed differently in different cars. It's important to familiarize yourself with these locations before you start using them.