Published By: Bono Sen

Customer requests that makeup artists hate to fulfill

If you are a makeup artist, you will relate hard to this!

How often have you heard an annoying customer request which has made you want to quit? Or, have you witnessed a makeup artist frown recently? This is a funny list with some real-world requests that makeup artists hate to hear. Let’s get to it!

Popping in the shop without an appointment: The start of a bad day

If you have ever popped into a makeup studio?Or a hair and makeup salon and request to do your hair or makeup before someone else without having an appointment?just know that the make-up artist surely hated you at that moment. Makeup artists are very precise with their work and they hate interference and having to answer customers who want to skip the long line of appointments.

Not showing a reference picture: When you should!

There are pretty straightforward makeup looks. Then there are some, which are very specific and difficult to master. Professional makeup artists will ask you for a reference to ensure that they get the look right. When you do not give them a reference but have multiple requests in your look, they hate those moments.

When you booked a bridal: But you request anupdo for your bridesmaids too

Just imagine your boss asking you to do a bunch of different stuff in addition to the stuff you planned to do when you arrive at the office? How would you feel? Makeup artists feel the same way when a bride requests them to do the bridesmaid's makeup and hair after the makeup artist has arrived on the spot. Why don’t people pre-book such requests, life would be so much easier for everyone!

When your friend is an expert: They have suggestions

There have been many viral videos of makeup artists leaving or shutting people up due to annoying friends and family of the clients that throw in suggestions while they are doing their job. How would you feel when someone constantly bugs you beside your work desk and lecture you on how to do something right, which you have years of experience doing in the first place. Not so cool right!

When you record them: Please don’t do it!

Recently there has been a trend where people go to cheap makeup salons and record videos to show how horrible the makeup techniques are! While this is fun for the moment, these are people in the process of growth who have started their careers and are amateurs or are not in that stage of life where they can afford a lesson. When you go to a cheap and low-rated place, you know what you can expect. All that comes from this, is disgust on the part of the makeup artist and shows your incapability of coming up with new content ideas.