Dangerous Side-Effects of Not Exercising

We all would agree that there are certain habits or addictions that are life threatening. However, what we do need to understand is that not exercising can be an equally dangerous lifestyle choice.

The ongoing pandemic has taught us the importance of health like nothing else has. Suddenly you see people adopting a healthy lifestyle, choosing their food and drinks carefully and exercising much more than before. However, there still are people who, owing to varied reasons, have yet not begun with any sort of fitness regime. For them, what we are disclosing here should act like an alarm clock, literally!

Below are some of the dangerous side effects that people who do not exercise can experience-

Poor Sleep

Tossing and turning in bed and not being able to sleep? Its okay to feel so once in a while but if it happens regularly with you, it indicates several underlying conditions that can happen due to lack of exercise. Not getting a good night’s sleep regularly can lead to many health disorders like diabetes, weight gain, poor immunity, heart disease etc. Vigorous outdoor exercise, on the other hand, is a natural sleep inducer that leads to longer and better sleep quality.

High Blood Sugar Levels

Not exercising enough is the primary reason that makes your sugar levels unmanageable. Physical exercise is very important to help your body process carbohydrates and aid in daily maintenance of blood glucose. Skipping your fitness regime even for a few days can lead to your sugar levels going haywire, whereas even moderate workout like walking can reduce your diabetes risk by manifold.

High Chances of Developing Heart Disease

A person who doesn’t exercise is as much at the risk of developing a heart disease as a person with high cholesterol, blood pressure and obesity. According to a survey, decreased physical activity in the middle ages for six years can lead to an 18% increase in heart failure risk.

Enhanced Blood Pressure

A fit person’s heart has to work much less to pump blood than a person leading a sedentary lifestyle. A person’s cardio-respiratory fitness decreases as his physical activity decreases, leading to high blood pressure. Not exercising enough is considered to be one of the top mistakes to make to make your high blood pressure worse.

Brittle Bones

As you age, calcium from your bones get reabsorbed into the bloodstream leading to reduced bone mass or osteoporosis. Exercising is one of the ways to prevent brittle bones in old age. Weight-bearing exercises and sports like tennis, basketball, running, as well as resistance training with weights has been recommended to keep your bones healthy.

From excess weight gain and high blood pressure to increased sugar levels and memory loss, there’s a lot that happens inside your body when you don’t exercise and lead a sedentary lifestyle. To avoid all of the above mentioned health conditions and the others, start breaking a sweat before it’s too late!

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