Daniel Ricciardo: The Tale of a Brilliant Driver Without Many Glories

Ricciardo is one of the best drivers on the F1 grid. Sadly, the 32-year-old is yet to make it big in Formula One

When Daniel Ricciardo first entered the world of Formula One, he was hailed as the next big thing. However, since 2012 till now, Ricciardo has managed only eight wins. The Italian-Australian driver is one of the best racers on the Formula One grid, but somehow, he has failed to live up to his great reputation. Fondly called the Honey Badger, allow us to take you through Ricciardo’s 10 years in F1.

What is the importance of this article?

Every year, a new face joins the world of F1 and it can be said that all F1 drivers are extremely talented. After all, only 20 individuals out of earth’s 7.9 billion population get to compete in the F1 championship. However, out of the 20, a few have the legendary aura and Ricciardo falls in that category. Sadly, the driver is yet to create a legacy in F1, but in this article; we have drafted his overall stats as a tribute to him.

His first stint in Formula One

The Honey Badger joined Toro Rosso in 2012. He finished at the 18th position in the drivers’ championship, which was not a significant result. However, with the slow-paced Toro Rosso car against the fast-paced Ferraris and Red Bulls, he still finished in the top 10 on six occasions. The next year, he took himself to a greater level by finishing 14th with seven top 10 finishes and 20 points compared to the first year’s 10 points.

Moving up in the world and falling

His second season impressed Red Bull, and therefore, he was offered a contract, which he accepted. Red Bull made the right decision because, in his third season, Ricciardo finished third with 238 points, three wins and eight podiums. His 2015 season with Red Bull was poor as he finished 8th, but in 2016, he once again finished third. However, he failed to keep his form in 2017 and 2018 because of which; he lost his contract.

Two teams in four years

After Red Bull, Ricciardo joined Renault, but with Renault, he could only manage a 5th position in 2020 whereas a 9th in 2019. Renault changed to Alpine and Dany left to join McLaren in 2021; another poor season with 8th on the table. So far, in 10 years, irrespective of potential, Ricciardo has only managed 32 podiums and eight wins. A brilliant driver without many glories to his name.

Rohit Chatterjee

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