Published By: Puja Sinha

Date Night? What To Stream on Netflix

Be it a special occasion or a simple urge to stay in, huddle together and watch… your date night is sorted with a Netflix subscription

A break from the maddening crowd and corporate hullaballoo could jazz up your love life. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of cosy, calm and quiet to make a date work like magic. And trust me, a good watch is a perfect moodsetter. If you are up for a little bit of browsing and scrolling on Netflix, it is time to cultivate these gems with your significant other.

Kumail Nanjuani’s The Lovebirds 

This wacky murder mystery is an OG in the screwball crime with its fair share of goof and comic. What makes The Lovebirds a happy watch are its twists and farcical situations leaving you in splits. When the romance gets wayward and all messed up in a murder mystery, the film starts getting beautifully realistic. Besides being an adorable and cheeky love story, it is very much a thriller at its heart – a plot that spirals and starts to resemble perhaps some of the finest Hollywood classics such as Date Night. 

The Wandering Star, Lion

Classified as a masterpiece of Dev Patel’s, Lion makes for a brilliant watch for its impeccable storytelling, heart-wrenching simplicity, and apt depiction of the pathos of a postmodern Odysseus. Originally based on the life and meanderings of Saroo Brierley, the film has an amazing cast. The film ends on a maudlin, tear-jerking yet realistic note while it employs Proustian flashbacks to narrate Saroo’s search for his origin—his home. For a perfect date night, the emotional swell and crescendo are something you do not want to skip out on. 

An Intriguing Potboiler, The Weekend Away

Well, you cannot put this off! The Leighton Meester’s vacation delight is a perfect one-time streaming but absolutely worth it for the vibes. As two friends set off to Croatia, things start to go haywire all at once and you detect some grave foul play. Irrespective of the razor-sharp twists and turns, the film allows you to lounge and chill. Being quite a laidback vacation thriller, you would stumble upon many relatable and compelling points in the film as two women in their 30s navigate a unique and quirky friendship. Like the cherry on top, The Weekend Away sprinkles some deeper concerns-- motherhood and exploitative tourism, on what appears to be an unpretentious thriller.

Of course, if you are up for sitcoms, Schitt’s Creek, That ‘90s Show and The Good Place could be worth digging in.