Published By: Sanjukta

Dating app tips if you are looking for a serious relationship

Dating with a purpose on dating apps is possible.

We have so many dating apps at our fingertips. Swiping through potential matches is something everyone has gone to at some point. Yes, the whole dating app pool is filled with creeps and trusting strangers can be quite tedious after a point. Modern love and dating app don’t really go together but believe it or not, dating with a purpose (a relationship for starters) success stories are out there. But if you’re looking for a stable relationship and real love, swiping constantly is not gonna cut it. It takes work to find a person who is THE right person or you. It takes effort and more than a few casual right swipes to meet with someone you can have a relationship with.

There are ways to put yourself out there without seeming too eager. Here are a few dating app tips if you are looking for a serious relationship

Make your bio as specific as you can

This is crucial. Anyone coming across your profile will read your bio and it is important you mention that you are looking for – relationships – and what you are not here for – casual meet-ups. Yes, you will get less swipes but people who do swipe have higher chances of having the same mindset.

You have certain standards. Stick with it

The qualities you want in your partner are standard you have set. Setting certain standard and sticking to them will help weed out the matches.  Romantic partners for relationships don’t come easy but love on dating apps will take time.

Know which dating app to pick

Be picky about what dating app you choose. Apps with the reputation of being a hookup app is not going to help you But there are other paid apps that can be a good place to start. Since the apps are paid it is likely all members are actually there looking for a romantic partner.

Opening conversations are important

Start conversations with matched profile finding common grounds on their profile. You can try and be funny, maybe a limerick, or a plain old “Hey Glad to have matched with you” and instead of asking dry questions, keep the conversation flowing.

Be intentional in your texts

Like this has to be done. You need to be direct about what you want. If a date is set at a pub and you don’t want the first date at a pub, tell them you’d like a coffee date first.