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Dating rules you probably should follow

Nothing too strict, just a few notes to streamline you into a healthy dating scene rather than getting into something you’d regret.

Dating should get easier, right? With multiple dating apps at our disposal, social media guaranteeing better connectivity, pursuing a love interest or a dating scene shouldn’t come at the cost of our sanity. Right?

But we don’t need to remind you that dating can get…erm…tad bit complicated at times. In an ever-changing dating scene, loose and fast relationships, cherry picking rules according to your needs will guaranteeing in getting what you seek. Dating rules will save you energy and time driving into people who aren’t looking for the same thing you are.

Here are the dating rules you should probably should follow.

Go on multiple dates

You are in the dating scene. Instead of ‘chasing’ one person you really like, go explore other people to date. Play the field while dating. If you get too invested on one person and they don’t feel the same way, you’re in for a disappointment. Instead, go out on with multiple people.

Keep dates short

Initial dates should be kept short. A short date will tell you if you have the spark but not be long enough to let the excitement think they are the one. Short dates will also not make you burn out and not date again if the date is terrible.

Be upfront about what you’re looking for

If you are looking for a summer fling, say so. If you would genuinely want a relationship out of dating, be upfront about it. There’s no need to play it cool and tag along with whatever your date says they want.

Please don’t ghost

Ghosting is so easy with social media. It’s also disrespectful. If you never wish to meet that person again, don’t ghost. Instead telling them that you are looking for something else is easier on the conscience and is a mature way of dealing with it.

Date for fun, not like a job hunt

Don’t treat the dates like they are an interview for a job. Treat dates as something fun to do and meeting new people and not as an opportunity to nourish it into a future relationship.

Follow through is important

Instead of making advanced intensive planning, try to follow through to simple plans.

Don’t have serious conversations over texts

If you are dating for a while and something about them is bugging you, do it in-person. Discussing things over text is not a diligent thing to do. It is a childish way to deal with things.


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