Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Dating someone with anxiety? Here's how you can help your anxious partner

It might look scary to date someone with anxiety and behavioural shift!

But no, it’s not. If you're genuinely concerned about the person you love, the behavioural changes will not be a factor once you know how to deal with it. Read more to know ways to handle your partner who’s suffering from anxiety.

Be an active listener

When you see your partner being anxious suddenly, don’t be scared. Just sit beside them, and listen. Once you listen, they will feel heard and valued. Also, when people get anxious, it’s not always that they want a solution; sometimes, they only want someone to listen to them. And make sure your body language shows that you are interested in understanding their issue, for which you can simply hold their hands.

Know their trigger points

It is very important for you to keep a note of the things that trigger your partner. Knowing them, you can either ensure that they don’t get to encounter such situations, or you can be prepared from before so that both of you know how to cope with it.

Validate them during insecurity

Insecurity is another big reason that can create anxiety in your partner. This insecurity can root in any source, be it insecurity about losing you or about their body image. So now it becomes your duty either not to create any situation that can make them feel insecure. Or even if they do, you can try validating them by offering empathy and listening to them. In such situations, try giving them a positive perspective because, at that very moment, their mind might only be thinking of all the negative things that can happen. Also, you can show open body language and physical touch to connect. By doing these, they will feel safe and secure.

Be patient and show compassion

Sometimes when your partner’s anxiety occurs too often, you might tend to lose patience. But wait, you need to hold on for some more time because it’s them who need you right now. Try to put yourself in their shoes and understand the situation. This will help you to reflect on the same, and you will know how to soothe them at that very moment. Also, when you show compassion with love and kindness, your anxious partner will get the strength and assurance that whatever the case, you are not going to let them suffer alone. Trust us, this feeling can cut down their anxiety to an extra level.

Try these methods, and show your partner that you are standing beside them no matter how worse their anxiety may seem.