DC Fan Theory- Batman Has A Secret Superpower

Brace yourself, Batman fans- Our hero just developed a new power!

If you have devoted yourself to comics and at least one shelf of your library is cramped with DC graphic novels, this article is for you! The last issue of Justice League- Last Ride promoted some possibilities that Batman has developed minor telepathic abilities. We sure do owe Martian Manhunter for giving the billionaire some powers!

While the exact details of the death of Martian Manhunter on the alternate earth are vague, it is clear that Batman was there, and Superman blames him for the incident. League is bidding to protect Lobo from trials, and Batman received a vision that warmed him of the suspected danger. Do we need more than that for being a super?

In the previous issues, the Last Ride from Artist Miguel Mendonca and writer Chip Zdarsky, the Justice League fell apart after the shattering losses suffered from Darkseid’s incursion attempt. However, the appeal from Green Lantern for help brought the team together for one last time to protect Lobo. Even with Batman’s reluctance to be a part of the team, he agreed with the plan to hide Lobo in Apokolips until his trial.

The focus of Justice League #3 was his disciplined sleep schedule. Batman claimed that he doesn’t dream unless he wants to. He experienced a dream that J’onn told Batman that his death was not Dark Knight’s fault. However, he warned him of the danger that was on the way and would require the whole league to face it.

When Batman woke up, Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern received reports that foes discovered the location and were on the tail. When Batman comes clean of his dream to his teammates, Dark Knight may have some form of limited and subconscious telepathy.

The exact details of Manhunter’s death are as of now unknown. However, a gifted telepath could transfer some of his powers to Batman before his demise. It would explain Batman’s consideration that someone might be using telepathy to manipulate his mind and steer the team course. The Dark Knight believes the dream was genuine as it occurred to him subconsciously and could be chalked up to an unlikely coincidence.

It will be exciting to see if Justice League can keep Lobo alive through the trial. However, whether Batman has gained new powers through Martian Manhunter, the possibility of J’onn staying alive is fragile.

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