De-cluttering: A Must Job before moving to a new house

De-cluttering makes your home a little less messy and saves your time and money to move random stuff to your new place. The task is tedious, frustrating and time-consuming. Read on to know more about it.

It is often said that minimalism is the new mantra to be peaceful. No matter how much we believe in it, we often tend to possess a lot of stuff over a period of time. Even if you are a minimalist, you would essentially feel a need to clean up your house’s storage spaces. It is because some items have been safely tucked into a corner of your storage area and haven’t been in use or touched for years. In our regular day to day life, we never put de-cluttering on priority.

However, when we decide to move to a new place and in a new house, clearing the clutter out from our house becomes very important.

The following points shall help you in easing out the stress of de-cluttering your items before shifting.

You need to come up with a two parts plan to accomplish the project at hand. The first step is to make a list of the items you need to get rid of, and the second is to decide how to dispose of them. You could start by sorting your stuff by category like furniture, kitchen items, clothes, toys, books, gadgets, outdoor stuff, and showpieces and so on. The whole process would take time depending upon your house’s size and the number of items you possess. Therefore don’t wait for the eleventh hour to do the job but start well in advance.

The second part consists of sorting each item under the above categories. The items that you decide to give/discard could be arranged under the other groups: items to be donated, stuff to be recycled, or things to be discarded. You could donate clothes, shoes, gadgets, stationery, kitchen items, furniture, and so many things that serve no purpose for you to an NGO or many local charitable organizations. Items like paper, plastic, glass, green batteries could easily be recycled and could be handed over to the concerned people. Try not to pile up everything under trash because it shall be considered waste, so try to minimize the trash stuff by using each little thing in every possible manner.

Set general rules of clutter-free living: As a rule, try to part with an item that hasn’t been used for over a year as it means it wouldn’t be used for another year. Don’t get emotionally attached to everything as it becomes painful to lose it.

And most importantly, practice a minimalistic way of living by keeping your space and mind free of clutter. It helps.

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