Dead by Daylight: 7 Op killer powers

Double range nurse mains rise

In the asymmetrical horror game Dead By Daylight, to play as a killer means knowing the special powers and addons is as important as knowing how to loop. The killers needs these powers to destroy a group of skilled survivors carrying strong items (*ahem* Nea with a purple beemer). Each killer, though equipped with special powers, can also enhance their speed, skill, tracking etc. with a few addons that can be the ultimate game-changer.

Considering there are bell-clanking, teleporting, chainsaw wielding killers on the loose, there’s just so many add-ons to turn up the special powers up a notch in some drastic and lethal manner. Here’s a few OP killer addons to have fun with.

Mother-Daughter Ring Spirit

What happens when The Spirit is granted a tremendously buffed (40 percent) speed increase while Phase-Walking? A scary killer who can transport across map quickly. Mother Daughter add on grants a 40 percent increased speed while Phase-Walking that makes The Spirit an indomitable killer.

Ming Rag Hag

This allows The Hag to teleport to untriggered Blackened Catalysts with a cooldown of 15 seconds. Veteran Hag players can effectively use this is distance camp hooks and Hexes making this an OP addon.

Kavanaugh’s Breath Nurse

The Nurse is the strongest in the game. Slap on some extra 1 range add-on like Kavanaugh’s Breath and you got an extra blink to strike down survivors. This addon comes with an increased cooldown but it is so worth it.

Compound 33 Blight

Blight is quite difficult to master. With Compound 33 add-on, whenever Blight slams against an object or survivor during a Rush, survivors nearby gets Hindered with a slow slowdown for 3 seconds. Also, slamming during a Rush against a breakable wall or vault will immediately break them.

Iridescent Postcard Trickster

A Showstopper add-on for The Trickster, Iridescent Postcard makes it so that when a survivor is 2 or 1 blade away from Laceration, they get exposed. This allows the killer to stop aiming for precise blade throws and insta-down the exposed survive by basic attack.

Award Winning Chilli Bubba

This Cannibal addon increases the chain-swinging time thereby giving more chain-swinging time to down survivors with chainsaw. Award-winning Chilli is one of the add-ons, when used correctly can down multiple survivors at one sweep.

CoxCombed Clapper

This might not be the OP add-on but to unaware survivors who rely on audio cues for stealthy killers. With Coxcombed Clapper, the Wailing Bell is silenced, which means when the Wraith uncloaks there is no bell. So with this add on, if the killer uncloaks from behind a wall, survivors are up for grabs (quite literally)


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