Published By: Sanjukta

Dead by Daylight: Meta-changing Update in the game and what it means for Survivors

No more dead hard for distance

The asymmetrical game Dead By Daylight received an overwhelming and game changing changes by the developers. Prestige, matchmaking, progression and perks underwent major nerfs and buffs to change the game has been played since 2016. So, if Dead Hard was your go-to perk, or if you wanted Ruin to carry the game, time has come to update your build.

Meta-perk changes

Survivor perks:

Dead Hard

The dash for distance is removed. Instead, it grants endurance status for 0.5 seconds (cue: eye roll).

Spine Chill

Spine Chill only activates when survivor is on the line of sight. No more stacking Resilience with Spine Chill for faster vault speed.

Iron Will

Lowering of grunts of pain to 25/50/75% but won’t activate when the survivor is exhausted.

Borrowed Time

Increase in the movement speed bonus duration of the unhooked survivor by 10 seconds and endurance status has also been increased.


Heal speed lowered and item efficiency bonus removed entirely.

Decisive Strike

Stun duration has been reduced to 3 seconds. DS deactivates once the Exit Gates are powered.

What it means

The meta perk Dead Hard will take time for survivor to get used to. Iron Will against Killers using Stridor is only semi-effective. For SWF members who rely on DS during end game collapse to make a 4-person escape suing DS will not be possible. These meta perks have been nerfed a lot.

On the other hand, BT has been buffed for survivors. Another non-meta perk Off The Record could possibly be the next meta. This Zarina Kassir perk grants unhooked survivor an endurance effect for 80 seconds after getting unhooked.

Speaking of non-meta perks

These non-meta perks undergone changes and are encouraged to be incorporated in survivor gameplay. Out of the many perks, these 4 perks have been changed which benefits the survivors.


On top of existing effects, scratch marks of survivors become sporadic and fades 5 seconds sooner, making killers track scratch marks harder.

Sole Survivor

Like before, this perk hides survivor aura being read. Also, it adds a 75% gen repair speed and exit gate and hatch opening action by 50% when only the last survivor is standing.

No One Left Behind

When the exit gates get powered rather than opened, it grants a 7% movement speed to any survivor you unhook.


Hope is dope. Since this perk is only active after exit gates are powered, the limited timer has been removed completely. The haste effect stays till you are in the match after gates are powered.