Deal with Demotion Productively

Job demotion should spur you to attain new highs…

Be it a wrongful demotion or an anticipated or justified relegation in work, demotion is never to be perceived as the final nail in the coffin. Pay cuts and a downgraded job designation and responsibilities you were previously assigned are the predominant consequences that often demotivate employees to pursue further or seek constructive feedback. If you are still in a shock and yet to completely assess the full extent of the events, here is how to deal with demotion at work.

Be Open to Constructive Criticism

It is easy to get swayed by emotions and shut yourself from any feedback that allows you an insight into the proceedings. You may tend to consciously balk at such discussions. However, it is important to grasp the bigger picture that unfurled the events. Was it a performance-related issue or a disciplinary action? As questions to your seniors and HR to clear the fog. It is only through feedback that you can develop a fresh perspective and chalk out a plan for improvement. Once you subjectively analyse your shortcomings without letting bias affect your judgement, you will be better equipped to polish relevant skills and garner support for future growth.

Reach Out

Asking for support and advice from your family, friends and peers and staying humble, optimistic and confident could be tough but indispensable to wade through the difficult situation. A lot of emotions may pile up within you at this point which is why you need to consult and interact to gain a clear sight of things. Talk to mentors and counsellors outside the workplace to device what will work for you henceforth.

Appreciate the Positives

It is easy to zero in on the negatives of a demotion but only by focusing on the perks you could come out of the quagmire of low self-esteem, anxiety, sorrow and self-depreciation. Learn every day on the job and from team members. After all, you are still part of a team and contributing to the organisation.

Devise a Career Plan

It is never advised to completely shut down and immerse yourself into your newly assigned position. Your worth certainly cannot be determined and cemented by a demotion. Besides developing and strengthening your skills, focus on new opportunities. Signing up for professional skill development courses could be brilliant at this point. Take a leap and new chances. You can always bag a better job than toiling away at a reduced salary and downgraded rank.

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