Published By: Sreyanshi

Deal with rejection positively with these tips

We have a few easy tips to help you deal with rejection positively.

Rejections are way too hard to accept sometimes, especially when it comes unexpectedly, the whole confidence breaks down and the heart gets shattered in pieces.

Several people especially those with narcissistic attitudes deal with rejection by cursing and select an easier option to hate the person or what rejected them, but hate is never a positive outcome, if you're growing hatred inside after getting rejected then it's time to work on it.

Accept and Process:

Do not just move on with anger saying they don't deserve you. It is ok to face denials. An individual never gets everything, you will go through a phase of grieving but after that phase when you start to heal, teach yourself to accept the downs of life. Rejections are just a down part of anyone's life, it'll pass and time will help to heal. Once you accept what just happened, process your feelings and introspect (self-observation). Take your time, and don't rush, it's not a short procedure.

Don't let it get you:

It's pretty common to face mild depression after getting rejected, but don't allow it to define you. The rejection you faced was a part of your life but not your whole life. Some rejections lead to mild depressive phases but when it starts taking over the person then it can cause many mental illnesses such as addiction, fatigue, and even clinical. So it is important to keep in mind that you can't allow a rejection to win.

Stay Healthy:

To stay motivated and mentally stable the first thing you do is live healthier. It's not necessarily joining a gym but you at least can eat healthily, get 8 hours of sleep, or do some meditation. To keep yourself mentally healthy you can get one or many hobbies as well or learn some new things such as gardening and baking. You grow every day, every single moment, and take that rejection as a lesson.

Talk with someone:

The burden would not feel that heavy if you talk openly with someone trustworthy. Reach out to a friend or family member who doesn't judge and knows how to keep secrets. Try to tell them in person instead of messaging or calling them on the phone. You can also reach out to any social group. Avoid sharing about the rejection on social media, it does not solve anything. Some emotions are overwhelming and we all wish we could cope. The waves of emotion that you're going through shouldn't be bottled up.