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Debunking myths about keratin treatment

The recent beauty world is incomplete without talking about keratin treatment as a hair care method.

The attraction of ultra-soft and shiny hair is unparalleled. Keratin, a structural protein present naturally in the human hair, helps to smoothen and strengthen the hair. Unfortunately, high pollution and improper diet can make someone’s hair dry and weak. At this point, comes the importance of keratin treatment. The more famous a beauty tip becomes, attracts more misconceptions. Let’s debunk some common myths about keratin treatment.

Myth: Keratin treatment may promote thinning of hair.

Fact: It is a popular belief that you will start losing hair after undergoing keratin treatment due to thinning, which is definitely not true. The basic purpose of Keratin treatment is to smoothen your hair, eliminate the fizz, and soften the curls. As smoothness is increased, many people worry about thinning and consequent hair loss. As this treatment is only provided to the hair leaving the scalp portion, there is no risk of thinning.

Myth: Keratin treatment is not suitable for colored hair.

Fact: According to dermatologists and renowned beauticians, Keratin treatment can be safely applied to colored hair. Moreover, it’s highly beneficial as coloring damages the hair badly. If you want shiny colored hair, you can surely undergo keratin treatment.

Myth: Keratin treatment stops hair growth.

Fact: Many people believe that chemicals applied during keratin treatment will stop natural hair growth. In reality, keratin treatment restores the protein content in hair which improves hair health.

Myth: Keratin treatment cannot provide a long-lasting effect.

Fact: Every beauty treatment shows signs of ineffective after some time. However, a keratin treatment can last for 3-4 months if proper care has been taken. To achieve this, you need to use specialized shampoo and limit the exposure time to pollution.

Myth: Keratin treatment is only applicable for long hair.

Fact: Many women with short hair believe that it is not good for them to have keratin treatment. However, Keratin treatment doesn’t depend on the length of the hair. Remember, hair needs protein to grow and keratin treatment just provides the same.

Myth: You cannot undergo any other hair treatment after keratin treatment.

Fact: This is another popular myth about keratin treatment. Keratin treatment doesn’t prevent you from other essential hair treatments. After undergoing keratin treatment, you need regular moisture as well as cuticle protection treatments to maximize the effect. You may also undergo intensive hydrating hair treatment after keratin treatment. Always remember, that the ratio between moisture and protein is crucial for hair health. If this is properly maintained, it will provide smoothness, softness, and desired shine to your hair. The above-mentioned treatments also provide a protective layer after a keratin treatment, which prevents mechanical hair damage.

Stay away from these myths and consult with a dermatologist before undergoing keratin treatment.

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