Debunking Myths to Prevent Hair Damage

Verifying the veracity of household myths we have believed to prevent hair damage

To spur growth and maintain healthy hair naturally, let’s first cancel the common myths plaguing the internet.

High Ponytail Saves the Day

A tight, carelessly done ponytail can help you pull off a chic look but is no saviour. When done frequently and let to stay like that, the hairdo not just damages the follicles but visible leads to a receding hairline. The root cause of follicle damage is the merciless pulling on the scalp. A loose bohemian-styled ponytail that is tighter towards the end can fix the conundrum. It is comfortable on days you want to carry a laidback hairstyle or just feel the need to pull back your hair.

Brush Hundred Strokes

Frantically and obsessively brushing hair in the hope of quality and growth does little to no good since it causes friction and cuticle damage. If you already have hair that is sensitive to chemicals, vigorous running of comb through it can consequent in breakage and split ends. Also, experts recommend brushing twice daily and from the nape of the neck which further helps in detangling any knots and tangles. Brushing wet hair is not recommended since the strands stretch ad break easily. For both dry and wet hair, it is imperative to first detangle the knots with fingers. Another substitute to the popular myth of relentless brushing is moving the comb a couple of inches. For shorter hair, instead of nape, try combing from the midsection. Brushing from the bottom is an efficient way that starting from the top since that causes a miserable amount of hair fall.

Bun Prevents Damage

The popular belief of tying hair up in a bun 24*7 is a remedy to split ends, frizzy hair and abrasions; buns actually consequent worst friction with the pillow throughout the night. Though traditionally buns and braids are the most preferred hairdo for a goodnight’s sleep, hair experts today suggest either keeping the hair open or tying it loosely towards the end before hitting the bed. Also, if you have been facing damaged and brittle hair, try silk pillowcases or hair accessories to shield it against night-long abrasion.

Styling Wet Hair is Smooth

The reverse is true because wet hair is worst vulnerable to breakage for the hair strands are fragile and if you pull at them, they fall off or break into splits. Styling or twisting wet hair results in fizziness and merciless tangles once it dries. If you want to do celebrity-sponsored looks, using gel or shine spray is a better alternative.

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