Decoding Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature

This fantastic feature is available for Android users to manage and track the usage and time spent on their smartphones. Be ready to begin your digital wellbeing experience.

Taking a break from technology is not easy when we are continually receiving notifications and updates from various mobile applications throughout the day. But, Google’s amazing Android Utility ‘Digital Wellbeing’ made it easier for us to find the right balance with technology.

Technology has become an essential part of our lives, playing an important role in everything we do from work to entertainment. To establish a perfect balance between technology and life, Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature helps to make technology an enabler that can assist users in achieving a personal sense of well being in their daily life.

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What is Digital Wellbeing?

The Digital Wellbeing feature allows Android phone users to track their everyday usage on different smartphone applications from social media to browsing apps.

This feature will help the users to limit their daily time spent on mobile applications by keeping track of the screen time, the number of notifications received, and the number of times a user unlocked his phone.

Digital Wellbeing Toolkit

  • It displays your daily screen time, how many app notifications you get and how many times you unlock your phone daily. The Digital Wellbeing dashboard gives a complete view of your smartphone usage.
  • It assists you in managing the time spent on your phone and app sites by setting up the daily timers. When the time runs out, the app or website is paused for the rest of the day.
  • The focus mode allows you to take a break from the distracting apps and notifications to minimize distractions and concentrate
  • The Grayscale feature turns your screen black and white, giving you a visual reminder that the time is up and the user needs to complete their task before the app timer goes off.
  • The new Bedtime feature help users maintain a consistent sleep schedule, track screen time at night, limit the notifications and set a sleep playlist. The Bedtime mode will remind you of the time to go to bed and limit interruption by keeping your phone in the dark.


Digital wellbeing holds immense importance in today’s times when excessive usage of technology and mobile applications are taking a toll on our personal life and prosperity by distracting us from the things that matter the most.

It helps to fine-tune the technology usage and habits to match it with our life and wellbeing goals. It promotes focused usage of technology, minimizes distractions, allows you to unplug and concentrate on your device-free time, and enables you to create healthy digital habits for your family.

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