Décor tips to enhance your living room space

You’d be surprised to know how small changes in your living room décor can go a long way in maximizing the space.

A living room is that precious corner of your home where you spend most of your day; chatting with the family, playing with kids, watching television or simply knitting! Its that part of the abode which is used for various purposes and hence need to be aptly arranged and decorated to suit all.

Have a living room that’s small? Well, we all know that it cannot be stretched, however not many know that by just undertaking a few décor changes, it can be made suitable for all your purposes. Below are few of the tips that can come handy to maximize your living room space.

Accentuate the best features

I’m sure, just like all living rooms, yours too has a special feature or a focal point that draws attention of all visitors. Accentuate that part of your space by adding more colours to it by adding a painting or throwing in a few differently hued cushions. You can also give a new dimension to that spot by adding a suspended lamp or focus lights in warm white or yellow.

Make Space

A cramped space always looks smaller, hence the best and simplest tip would be to free up more space in your living area. Give a break to those old-age bulky sofas, use leaner tables add wall scones; more the empty space in the room, more it gives the impression of being bigger, simple!

Change Dining Area

Most often than not, living rooms in Indian homes double up as dining areas too. That is primarily the reason why our living room is usually the most burdened and of course, cramped. So, what’s the solution when you simply does not have enough space in the house to have a separate dining room? Change furniture! Rather than keeping that bulky rectangular dining table on the side, go for a round coffee table instead that occupies lesser space and gives a completely different look to your living area as well.

Add Rugs

When decorating living room, rugs are your best bet! Enhance the overall look and feel of your space by adding colourful rugs of a size that best suits the available vacant area. Rugs can not just brighten up the space but also provide some extra space to lounge on.

Why let a small size living room remain dull and crowded when you can easily redecorate it by using some of the tips we just mentioned? So go ahead and pack a punch in whatever square foot is available with you.

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