Published By: Satavisha

Delicious Indian Comfort Foods You Should Have After A Stressful Day

After a stressful day at work, savoring a comforting and wholesome meal feels immensely satisfying.

There are countless varieties of Indian delicacies that offer us comfort during our highs and lows. The gratification of indulging in a scrumptious meal is what everyone seeks to escape the chaos of everyday life. The easiest way to unwind is to seek foodie delight from your favorite comfort food. Below are some popular comfort foods that Indians love to binge on.

Tamarind Rice

Tamarind rice is a delectable south Indian cuisine, and you can never get enough of it. It is prepared by mixing rice with tamarind pulp and some flavorful spices. This tangy dish is both sour and spicy, and will instantly delight you after an exhausting day at work.


Our beloved savior on a hot summer day — lassi is a classic Indian drink and a cultural staple of Punjab. You will find several variants of this delicious yogurt drink, from strawberry lassi to chocolate, mint and even mango lassi. It serves as a refreshing drink and an instant energy booster that can be prepared easily at home and at restaurants too. This cool comfy companion also helps in digestion.


Who can ever say no to a plateful of samosas served with chutney and some hot tea? You will get this deep-fried snack in every nook and cranny, sold by street vendors. This soul-comforting snack is craved by people in every Indian state. In Delhi, you can enjoy the samosa chat, while in Mumbai, you will find mixed samosa stuffed inside pavs, and for those who love Chinese cuisine, there is a popular variant with stuffed noodles inside.


This delectable snack comes in several variants, just like samosa. The spicy and tangy delicacy can solve all your problems. Feeling sad? Enjoy an extra hot and spicy chaat to instantly eliminate all your woes by unleashing the flavor of numerous spices. You may also consider challenging your friends to a pani-puri eating competition, and you will be surprised to find how miraculously your stress will disappear!


Almost every Indian family eagerly waits for their Sunday special breakfast — kachori served with aloo sabzi and jalebi. This sweet and crispy comfort food is prepared by frying fermented dough in circular shapes (like a pretzel) and dipped in sugar syrup.

Indians are food enthusiasts, and we look for solace in local delicacies even when faced with the slightest inconvenience.