Desi Mom: Things desi mom loves saying (and can never get tired of)

You literally cannot escape from these nuggets of wisdom thrown at you every day.

No one and nothing is more savage than an Indian desi mom. No matter which part of the country you belong to, north, west, east, south, Indian moms are the same. We love you, ma! But sometimes you infuriate us, emotionally blackmail us, and most of the time just have us in splits. They are overbearing for your own good. So, whether you are near or far from your beloved mom, these things would surely bring a smile to your face.

You paid 300 rupees for this coffee!

You cannot make a desi mom appreciate the high-end coffee that the world swears by. And in a moment of love when you want to give the best to your mom, the first question that would come out of nowhere would be the price of the thing. Suppose you took your mom out for a coffee, and she would crib the entire time on how you are ripped off, how you don’t know the value of money and of course, how she could make better coffee than this.

What would you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

As the day starts, so does the nagging as to what you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Seriously, her day revolves around planning the menus. And before you start defending her on this, the menu would never be of our choice; it would be the same lauki, tinde or kaddukisabzi.

I will throw this phone away!

Low grades, late for office, unable to attend cousins wedding or even common cold is all because of phone and internet (mom’s logic). You name your weakness; your mother won’t shy away from blaming your phone for every misfortune in your life.

Danger alert: When she asks you to repeat your opinion.

If you don’t want a flying chappal in your direction, never repeat your statement when arguing with your mother. Especially when she very slowly asks you to repeat yourself.

If I find it there, you are in trouble.

By some weird law in the universe, whenever you are looking for something, you never seem to find it. But in front of mom, that thing magically appears, in plain sight. We can never get enough of her threats that follow.

We love you, mom!

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