Design Ideas That Blend Japanese And Scandinavian Styles

Here are some trendy Japandi interior design ideas to try.

Blending Scandinavian and Japanese home design styles can be a cool way to achieve a rustic and elegant look. This fusion is popularly known as Japandi or Scandinese. It is a decor trend that is gaining huge popularity for more than one reason. It offers a minimalist approach for those who want their spaces to be clutter-free and cosy. The Nordic style adds a rustic touch, while the Japanese design brings more warmth and an inviting palette. Here are some Japandi interior design ideas to try in your home.

Add contrasting colours

The Japandi style offers a special blend when it comes to colours. To create a room with this design style in mind, you should combine dark hues with light woods. While it offers a monochromatic appearance, you could give it a more vibrant feel by adding natural elements like a house plant. The Japanese style offers a range of stained or light-coloured woods that is surrounded by a pop of black items. Meanwhile, the Scandinavian style is all about light and neutral hues, as well as natural woods. You can even add some pastel accents around the place. For example, you can include rich-coloured wood with touches of black in a clean white interior.

Add furniture of both styles

In many ways, the features of Scandinavian and Japanese furniture are quite similar. They both offer functionality and feature clean lines. However, they can offer a lot of contrast to a space when put together. Japanese furniture tends to come in darker shades and are created in elegant shapes. The Nordic furniture is usually light in colour. You can also experiment with curved lines and different shades of wood. It could add a unique look to the space.

Include statement accessories

Usually, Nordic and Japanese design spaces are all about functionality and having minimum items. The key here is adding just a few statement accessories that complete the look of the space without creating too much clutter or chaos in the room. Natural elements, in this case, can go a long way. You can’t go wrong with indoor plants to liven up the room. You could also experiment with natural materials, like stone. For example, you can dress up your bathroom by placing a bathtub on a large stone slab. You could even have stone stands to place special objects in the room.

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