Published By: Urbee Sarkar

Detox Diets: Popular Diets That Don’t Work

If you are considering detox cleanses or diets, know which ones will not work for you!

Detox diets are all over the internet as the new healthy lifestyle. While some diets do work, it is not necessary that everything you come across as diets have a good effect on your health. Some of these diets may show you temporary results but in the long run they may affect your health negatively. You have to be aware about fad diets that do nothing for you. Here are some detox diets that would not help you in any way!

Diets That Ask You To Stay On Fluids For Days After Days

Out of all the detox diets that are doing the rounds on the internet, the juice cleanse is probably the most popular. A juice cleanse is a liquid only diet. These diets ask you to strictly remain leave on fluids like juices or smoothies for about three to twenty one days. The problem is that you are depriving your body of solid food. Now, of course when you freshly press greens and or fruits and have them as a part of this diet, you get the nutrients. However, you deprive your body of essential nutrients like fibre. Moreover, juice diets take away nutrients like fat and protein as well which is a daily requirement for your body to function.

Liver Detoxes Are Impractical And Unnecessary

Another detox diet that has been trending for a while is the liver detox diet. The liver detox diet focuses on boosting the detoxification process of your body by enhancing the performance of your liver. On paper and theory, this sounds perfect. However, scientifically speaking, you liver is equipped to detoxify you body any way. Of course, eating food that are healthy for your liver is improving but you don’t have to indulge in a liver detox diet for that.

A Complete Food Restriction Diet

There should be balance in what you eat and what you don’t eat as well. Some people devoid the body entirely of certain food items like sugar, dairy or gluten. It is important to have a strategic restriction instead of a complete one. Your body follows habits and patterns. The moment you eliminate a food category entirely, after sometime, your body will be unable to process that food category if you ever want to include it back into your diet system.