Published By: Nirtika Pandita

Did you know about these smallest islands in the world?

As tiny as they may appear they are equally thrilling to be at..

An island, a small piece of lush green land surrounded by water from all corners, is the best place to let go of work stress and rejuvenate oneself. Every country, state, city, and region has its own islands which are picturesque. Such is the beauty of these islands that spending even a day surrounded by shining sand, a blanket of green and cool crystal clear water will bring the mind to ease. But did you know that there are small islands in the world that are equally beautiful?

Simping Island, Indonesia

Among the 17,508 volcanic islands in Indonesia, Simping Island is the smallest with a total width of 0.5 hectares. Located in the West Kalimantan province there is a locally built pedestrian footbridge that gives easy access to the Chinese temple built on the island. And not only worshipers', even day-trippers take advantage of the bridge to roam around. The island may appear nothing more than a mound of sand and trees, but the island is spread over an area of 1.23 acres. With its claim to fame for being the smallest island in the world, it has been recognised by the United Nations. It is also famous for being surrounded by coral reefs.

Dangar Island, Australia

Spread over an area of 29-hectare in the Hawkesbury River, Dangar Island is situated just north of Sydney. The island is forested and has a population of about 250 people living there. With that comes on the island's car-free roads, waterfront houses, beaches, rock carvings, and a super laid-back vibe. As the island gets crowded during holidays it's shoreline is filled with cafes, shops, and bowling clubs, for people to relax. Interestingly, Dangar Island has over 100 animal species and over 90 plant species.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The island is beautifully situated at the convergence of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. In Spanish Isla Mujeres means ‘Island of Women’. The island is a charm all thanks to being away from the noise of the city. It is an island of calm and relaxation but has a few nightclubs that play techno music.

A few other smallest islands are Just Room Enough Island, Wizard Island, Bryher Island, Baltrum, Suwarrow Atoll, Monhegan, Foula, Cocos Islands, Lord Howe Island, Fox Island, Dangar Island, Australia, Little St. Simons Island, Georgia, Bishop Rock, Saba, Netherlands Antilles, and Isles of Scilly among various others.