Different Beauty Benefits of Tea Bags

Tea is genuinely the elixir of divine beings. It is not only delicious to drink but, has so many skin benefits. But those used tea packs we throw every day have a large number of advantages.

Simply tasting tea isn’t the only advantage you have. This little tea bag can do something amazing for your skin.

Read on to figure out how you can use tea bags for your beauty needs-

Try not to discard the tea bags and despite, cool them and place them over your eyes for soothing. Green tea contains tannin, an astringent that wonderfully contracts skin. The cool tea packs reduce the swelling around your eyes and tighten the skin, making you look and feel amazing.

Making a green tea facial scrub out of the used tea is great for the face. Mix green tea with sugar granules and water, and you have a scrub ready. It is natural and light on the skin and gives you a staggering radiance. You can store the scrub in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for longer.

Mix an equal part of baking soda and green tea and a touch of honey to make a facial mask. Honey helps in reviving your skin and green tea tightens the skin. Baking soda is a fine exfoliator and helps detox the skin.

A green tea wash is great for your mane too and gives your hair a great shine. Put a couple of green tea bags in boiling water and let it boil for 15 minutes. Leave it overnight. On the next morning, pour this water on damp hair and leave it for 10 minutes. You can massage your scalp for a few minutes and afterward wash off your hair.

Never throw your used chamomile tea bag. This tea decreases inflammation from the inside, and also is an astringent that calms skin, tones it, and lights up it. Place the used tea bags in the refrigerator, and apply them cold on a clean face. Your skin will feel mattified, and over the period, imperfections will also lessen.

Black tea has tannins that diminish the aggravation from the inflammation, and green tea has polyphenols that fight the indications of oxidative pressure, making both of these extraordinary for treating sun-related burns in their particular manner. For best outcomes, pop the tea packs in the cooler prior to using them, with the goal that the cooling impact decreases aggravation further.

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