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Different genres of music.

Music possesses the power to heal our hearts and soul. When the volume goes up, the rhythmic beats work differently. It takes us to a different world, the one we wish to live in forever.

There are tons of music genres for us to explore in this short span of life. Naturally, the preference for music depends on mood or personality. Likewise, some might prefer an upbeat tone, while others settle for soothing classical. Although they prefer different forms of music, they can spend hours discussing it.

Music genres are different categories that classify music based on its nature. Some of the commonly known music categories are:

 Country Music­- Originated in the 1920s, it is a popular form of American music accompanied by simple instruments- guitars, drums, mandolin or mouth organ, repeated chorus and narrative lyrics. Country Music has its roots in the style of western music, Southern USA folk and Western cowboy. Well-known country-music singers are Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood.

 Jazz Music- The unique forms of music that combine two different cultures (European and West African) and present us with the art of creativity. It is known for swing and blue notes, supported by trumpets, piano, clarinet, drums and electric guitar. Jazz was first introduced in the late 19th century and gave several performers like- Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman and Abbey Lincoln.

 Rock Music- Defined as an extended genre of the well-known rock ‘n’ rollit originated in the 1950s in the United States. Over the years, rock music evolved into different styles. They went from using string instruments to various modern musical instruments. It is loud with up-beat tones and is popular among today’s youth. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Nirvana and Red-Hot Chilli Peppers are some of the rock bands in the world.

 Indie Rock Music- It is an alternative form of rock music that originated in the 1980s. Indie rock is associated with the guitar sound, downbeat tone and supported arpeggios with different chords. For years, it saw related sub-genres that came with modification- math rock, noise pop, lo-fi and post-rock. Some popular Indie-rock bands and artists are Pixies, REM, Oasis, Phoebe Bridgers and MGMT.

 POP Music- Derived from the word “Popular”, it is known as one of the popular music genres in the world. Pop music includes different types of music such as urban, rock, dance and country. Commonly used instruments by pop artists are electric guitar and drums (both synthesiser and bass). Popularly known pop artists are- Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran and Kanye West.

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