Published By: Sougata Dutta

Different kinds of Culinary Knives and their Uses

User guide for Culinary knives

Food is not only a source of hunger appeasement, but also a matter of self satisfaction. In the modern culinary world creating new dishes with utmost beauty and delicacy is appreciated. People from different countries, religions and cultures visit different places all over the globe to taste different cuisines, presented in a desirable manner. Knives are the most important member of this culinary world. According to the dishes, knives also come in different forms with its supremacy.

Weighted Ingredients: A Proper Is To Be Chosen

Knives are mainly chosen according to three main variables. Weight of knife, this phenomena can be called as a backbone. In order to pursue various techniques, different weighted knives are used. While cutting a vegetable or copping a small ginger, if the weight is not taken care of, it may ruin the procedure totally.

Length: A Turning Point Of The Dish

Length of a blade is another pillar holding a knife to be superior or inferior. While choosing one, the length should be checked carefully, not only for using on proper ingredients but also for the chef, who is going to deal with that demon. If the chef is not confident enough about their own knife, it may become a great disadvantage.

Style: European Or Japanese

In the world of great cuisine, it is known that European cuisine and Japanese cuisine are two most important pillars holding this system. A thicker bladed European knife is used in multidisciplinary ways rather than a Japanese one. But in a different aspect a Japanese knife is lighter and sharp-edged. Using a knife with its full potential is a different thing but sharpening one also takes some courage. In this sector a Japanese knife is easily sharpened over a European knife.

Chef’s Knife: All Over

After passing the qualities needed to become a professional knife, they are categorized in different sets with names. Among them some are globally acknowledged, like Material Kitchen, The 8” Knife, Victorinox 10-Inch Chef’s Knife etc.

Types: According To The Ingredient

The knives are not only chosen according to their size or shape or sharpness, the key ingredient for the dish also takes an important part in this shopping. Vegetables with different sizes and hardness play an important role. Also fish products or dairy products can be prepared using different types of knives.

Cooking is also a version of worship, where you must be dedicated enough to get the desired dish through this process by using proper tools and techniques.