Different natural air purifiers you can have at home

The air we breathe these days is quite contaminated. It contains several hazardous substances which are deadly for human beings and other living organisms. The air quality index shows that the quality of air has decreased in many metro and even rural cities. In these tough times, it has become extremely important to inhale fresh or at least purified air in order to live a healthy life.

Every year during winters, sky gets covered with smog and various other toxic substances present in it. The concerning authorities and the government site many reasons for  reduction in the quality of air but all over the world yet no one is succeeding in providing clean air. While it is significant that the whole world is struggling for pure and fresh air, it is also evident that many people are finding different ways to inhale fresh air. One such way is the use of air purifiers. It is not easy to find quality air purifiers and the artificial ones are quite costly. Another drawback lf installing air purifiers machine at your home is that they only purify the air of the area they are installed in. It is therefore necessary to be aware about the types of natural air purifiers available to humankind. Let’s talk about such air purifiers given to us by nature.


Tulsi plant is a commonly used natural air purifier. It is used in Indian houses since the ancient time. It has several medicinal benefits and it is associated with Hinduism too. The tuksi plant not only purifies the air but it also keep your lungs healthy. It is known to keep several disease away and will not let any kind of nasal or lung congestion affect you.


Neem is another ancient tree which has many medicinal properties. It is used in making different types of medicines but it is most commonly used to freshen the air. The neem has a special quality and it is popular for removing the toxins from ghe air. It makes the air lighter and freshens it. Apart from giving you fresh air to breathe, neem also purifies the environment around you. It is a viable and cheap option for those who want minimum maintenance.


Kalaunji is not a very popular choice for plants but it is very effective against bad air. It has several additional enzymes which detoxifies the air and make it pure. The air we breathe depends on so many factors but having a plant at home is the best way to tackle the impurities present in the environment.

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